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Boot Accessories & Care

Products to help you take care of your boots. Keeping them in good condition so they will last longer. Boot conditioners, Boot stretch, Water & Stain Protectors, Boot Pulls, Boot Hooks, Boot Jack...



This all-purpose leather cleaner & conditioner will make your leather water repellent.  This is a wax-free leather cleaner & conditioner that guards against molding, drying, and cracking.  The leather will stay soft and pliable.

Can be used on the following types of leather:

  • grained
  • gloves
  • smooth
  • patent

 * Please note: This product should not be used on suede or napped leather. 



Boot stretch is an aerosol spray that helps stretch tight-fitting boots. Scout Boot Care needs to be well shaken before using,  spray liberally inside the boots, in the area that needs to be stretched.  Once you've saturated the leather, put them on and wear them until they dry!  Such a simple product to make your boots fit perfectly!


This water and stain protector is a water-repellent, stain resistant spray specifically for use on leather and suede. Protects against water and oil-based stains and can be safely used on COLORFAST leather fabrics. 



Here is our branded boot jack, proudly made in the USA!  Every time you use your boot jack to remove your boots, you can remember "The Branding Iron" and think about your next visit to Tombstone, Arizona!  If you wear boots, this is a must-have item.  It will save your boots and your back.

Leather Conditioner by Colorado Leather Balm CLB


This leather conditioner balm is just what you need to moisturize and condition your leather products. Safe to use on all types of leather except for suede or nubuck leathers. 

Weight: 4 oz. 

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