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Hat Care

This is where you can find things to help care for and maintain your cowboy - cowgirl hat.



Wooden handled horsehair brim brushes are used for hat cleaning. A brim brush is used to gently clean the brim of your hats.  

*Please note: The blonde brush should be used only on light-colored hats. 

*Please note: The Dark Chocolate Brush should be used only on Dark-colored hats.



These hat cleaning crown brushes have a wooden handle and are made with horse hair and are to be used on the crown of your hat. The brushes are to be used to gently clean the crown of your favorite hat.  

Please note: The Dark Chocolate brush is to be used for dark-colored hats only. 

Please note: The Blonde brush is to be used for lighter colored hats only.



These hat cleaning sponges make cleaning your felt hat a breeze.  Easy to use, washable, reusable and long-lasting.  

*Please note: We recommend you use one sponge for the same colored hats (one sponge for your dark-colored hats and another sponge for your light-colored hats)

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