Women's Beaded Moccasins the "Me To We Moc" by Minnetonka 407J Taupe




These Beaded Moccasins are beaded by the Maasai Mamas to create a moccasin with meaning.  The "Me to We" Artisans work with Maasai Mamas in Kenya to craft hand-beaded art forms passed down from mother to daughter. Each woman who participates in the program is able to turn this traditional handiwork into a livelihood. Empowering her to do things she never believed possible. Every time you wear this product, you can appreciate knowing that you not only look distinct and stylish but are supporting the dreams of another woman.

  • Color: Taupe
  • Hand Beaded by the Maasai Mamas
  • Soft Suede Leather
  • Lightweight Sporty Rubber Sole
  • Imported
  • Runs Full Size Large