4X Buffalo Fur Felt Hat, the "Broken Bow" by Stetson


This is the "Broken Bow" by Stetson.  This hat is made of 100% Buffalo Fur Felt.  The buffalo hats are water-resistant and durable. *This hat is part of the American Buffalo Collection by Stetson. The "Broken Bow" is a top seller with its unique look.  It features a Gus crown with a low sweep and dips down in the front and back. The hatband is a studded leather band with a removable turkey feather.

  • Brim: 4 3/8" 
  • Crown:  4" front/5" back - Gus crown
  • Color:   Buck, Chocolate, and Black
  • Material:  100% 4X Buffalo Fur Felt
  • Made in the U.S.A.