5X Fur Felt the "Pawnee" by Stetson SFPAWN-403222



This is the "Pawnee" by Stetson. The Pawnee is part of the Gun Cun Club collection by Stetson.  This style is similar to a Fedora, with a western flair.  The Fedora began in the late 1800s and grew in popularity early in the 20th century.  Humphrey Bogart wore a similar hat in Casablanca.  Today the Pawnee is the hat to have.  A classic fur-felt western-styled fedora.

  • Brim: 3 1/4"
  • Crown:  4 1/4"  Pinch Front
  • Color: Chocolate or Silverbelly
  • Material: 100% Pure 5X Fur Felt
  • Proudly made in the USA